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For some people, their journey goes by too fast or not at all. For others, the shifting to grow and manifest is slow and intentional. And that’s what I do here. I guide you to find your calming influence to stress less, balance your pace, and step into a mindful present state of being.

Sometimes life can feel tired and monotonous. We may think about self-care and not get around to it. We may practice self-care but lack a hopeful spark for our tomorrows. Many of us do the best we can, have tried to walk our talk, but sometimes feel our best isn’t good enough because our reserves are tapped out. This is the place where I can help you tap back in to your own never-ending source of well-being.

When you step into your intention with RK Arts Studio, you will fully realize you are vitally, tangibly connected to the experience of unfolding your current reality and have already begun releasing resistance. 


I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your own journey up until this moment, of your highs and lows, your unprecedented times of challenge, your invaluable growth and learning from all the steps you’ve had to take. I invite you to notice your body and where it may feel stuck, in pain, or burdened. I invite you to notice your mind and where your thoughts lead you. 

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Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA, RK Arts Studio believes in the principles of natural energies, meditation, herbalism, and creativity to bring inspirational and healing influences into everyday spaces. RKAS brings an inclusive space (here & on location) for those who seek relaxation, healing, compassion, and forward movement.


RKAS believes that self-care is a necessary, important and supportive physiological and psychological act that must be addressed in daily practice which will help you achieve homeostasis and sacred well-being. RKAS believes that supporting yourself and your energy, you’re better able to be present and active within yourself and in the world around you.



RKAS believes in serving and coaching others through meditations, massage therapy, energy healing services, therapeutic creativity and art, and short and long term body-mind-spirit goal setting.

my story


Owner of RK Arts Studio

Licensed Massage Therapist; 2005

Professional Photographer & Instructor; 2010

Personal Trainer; Mind Body, Fitness Nutrition, Weight Mgmt; 2014

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher; 2013 

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher; 2013

Reflexologist; 2010



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Rock Maze
Rain Kilburne, LMT, CPT, CPP

Mindful Living & Artist Statement
for Rain Kilburne.

With focused alternative therapies on purposeful and elevated living, our realized humanity and physiological changes bring to light the colloquy of passing time, homeostasis, and conceptualized reality.


Through the current act of compassion and attunement, my energetic medicine work translates the living Biofield into an accelerated natural healing state process where alignment is obtained.


My recent visual photographic and fine artwork have been an investigation of poetics, the transcendental, and landscapes within the inner and outer worlds by delving into the connectedness of what is real and abstract and by creating conversations between the subconscious mind and color.

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