What is DeZenmber? Just another clever and trendy coined term to encompass the wellness and health idea of how to make December more zen and more full of well-being. Why?

December can be a cold, apathetic and darkened month for many people. It can reach inside like a cold draft and freeze you until you are less than your minimal best. This can be challenging when the outside world still requires optimal energy output.

Here’s how I make December more energetically agreeably Zen:

  • Retreat: Take a little time out of my day for a little quiet solitude and turning inward, creating space for silence, contemplation and mindfulness.

  • Reflection: This quiet time is a time to reflect on the events and activities of my year. Have I stumbled or sailed? How would I like to journey into the new year. Will I be able to give myself enough time for reflection during the hustle and busyness of life’s activity?

  • Release: What have I become burdened with over the past year? Over the past decade? This time of turning inward is also a great time to release suffering. To release burdens, resentments, anger, etc.

How can we create a DeZenmber?


  1. Do yoga. Roll out the mat and release your year away.

  2. Read a book. Get a story or learn something new.

  3. Strength training. Push-ups, Sit-up, Plank. Accomplishing strength leads to feelings of stability.

  4. Face care. Apply a rejuvenating mask.

  5. Gift Giving. Send homemade gifts or share Online.

  6. Meditate to clear the overload of information swirling around in your head.

  7. Decorate your space. Candles, lights, scents. Bring in elements from outside.

  8. Listening to a podcast. Enjoy topics on things you would like to improve or enjoy.

  9. Get artsy. Release your creative side.

  10. Go outside and get some fresh air.

  11. Make your coziest warm December drink. Tea, coffee, cocoa, Hot Toddy.

  12. Get a massage, practice self massage, invest in a massage chair.

  13. Make seasonal greeting cards. Include a summary of your entire year for friends and family to read, and for you to keep to remember.

  14. Tonight, utilize a sleep app, clean sheets, a nice lavender based shower and get a good nights sleep.

  15. Call or FaceTime a friend for a good conversation.

  16. Make some music playlists: your favorite tunes, Christmas favorites, work out tunes, etc.

  17. Practice doing one thing at a time, slowly. Stay present in each task.

  18. Today, do less. Schedule space between things.

  19. Creat a new ritual: daily, weekly or monthly.

  20. Designate a period of time to do nothing or just sit.

  21. Smile to improve the lives of those around you. Also, consider volunteering for charity work today.

  22. A clean home is cozy and relaxing. Tidy up today.

  23. Food can be a great way to show love to others or to yourself. Cook something wonderful.

  24. Look through your things. Do they make you happy? Get rid of a couple that don’t. Maybe donate them.

  25. Carve out some time to do a family activity whether it’s your immediate family, online extended family or furry pals.

  26. Carve out some time to play. Do a puzzle, origami, or a game. Take your mind off of things.

  27. Journal it out and forget about it. Writing as an activity relaxes many people. It can help counteract many of the body’s stress responses. Try an art journal too.

  28. Think about a new hobby like birding, astronomy, gardening.

  29. Pare down something in your life: commitments, online activity, sweets.

  30. Discover a new word of Intention for the new year.

  31. Decorate a physical or virtual board of things you would like to manifest in the new year.

Compassion makes dealing with others much more effortless and goes a long way to helping you feel better about yourself. You will improve the lives of others as well as yourself. Have a wonderful DeZenmber.

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