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Happy Thursday! 01/14/2021

Whatcha reading this week?

I didn’t catch this when it came out but today I’m about 40% in.

I will update with a review later when I’m finished.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Update | Review 01/22/2021

This book reveals unfairness in the Justice system that is thick and heavy with case after case that suggests systemic racism and heavily botched, cruel executions, mistreated and falsely accused individuals, and no health care. It is representative of aggregated and personalized struggle against injustice based of one activist lawyer. The main case is centered around defending Walter Macmillan. There are several references relating it “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

It is moving, reaching out for empathy and compassion, a call to action that caused me to root for this lawyer who is constantly against the odds. There is an invitation to hold space for the personal conversation within myself and reflect upon my own life. The call is there to witness and to do something for the large struggle for social injustice through an intimate connection between the author and myself.


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