Know My Name


a memoir.


This is my weekly read pick for the first week of March. I’ve just begun and the pages drip with words that pull me in at warp speed. So, here I sit on my Sunday morning before going into the Spa for work, lost in the story of a woman whose name I didn’t know...


“This book is monumental, full of triggers, a triump for anyone who dares to read it and a novel that stays with you. .."-anonymous

Sure does.

I put it down.

Months ago.

I got about half way through and had to put it down for awhile.

It was too much for me.

I found myself constantly and incredibly tense; locked up.

It is incredibly hard to live an experience of sexual trauma even one time, then have the courage to write about it even if you are writing as if it is happening to someone else, and then still have the courage to relive it over and over again as more and more readers consume your story with voracious feminine championing, moral indignation, or with a grievous internalization of parallels.

Even still are the quiet dark corners of the those that hide in shame that still feel a little sliver of bravery and foundation built on a story like this.

In that, I see the light and take refuge. For those that hear the call of this author, take heart. There is hope.

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