Mental Health Box #2

Hi everyone! January 2021 is turning out to be an assortment of energies and emotions. Just thought I'd drop another mental health care tool box with links for anyone who is needing some healing or compassionate energy, self care and self love tools, or just some peace. Also here is the link to Mental Health Box #1.

During the COVID pandemic, I suggest the following treatments: Massage Therapy Without the Touch, Therapeutic Care at Home, avoiding Seasonal Depression or Revisiting Trauma, Tong Ren Sessions Online, Reiki Sessions Online, Sound Baths or Sound Therapy Online. If I do not offer these services at this time, please text or call 434-260-1402 and I will direct you to someone who does.

Below you find highly recommended links to helpful continued home therapeutic self-care:

RK Arts Studio

Charlottesville, VA 22902

+1 (434) 260-1402

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