New Work : September

This week I have been painting abstract backgrounds. I have a lot of paintings in mind for the end of this month and next. Here are two 8x8 and 2 12x12 canvas that are a work in progress. My big 4’ x 6’ canvas is still in process.

How do I prep my paintings?

Stage one:

To begin, I ground myself with meditation and smudge both myself and the canvas.

I do a little more grounding. I walk outside (barefoot weather permitting) and connect with the earth, sky, sun, moon and creatures of the planet that happen to be out and about.

I put my hands on the canvas. I connect energetically as I focus on the emotions love and compassion.

I pick a playlist of music that matches the energetic feel of the day or night.

I use my brush to dance about on the surface.

As the image forms into a beautiful abstract background, I know the rest will intuitively come over the next days.

I will post finished paintings in NEW WORK on October 4.

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