Quarantine Life: December 17, 2020

photo of the transformer and pole that exploded and caught fire.

(update: power was turned back on to my delight and surprise by 10 a.m. after writing this at 6 a.m. )

Quarantine Life Journals: December 17, 2020. 6 a.m. Temp 25°-28°. Wind: ENE 3mph Humidity:93% Sunrise:8:25a.m. Sunset: 4:25p.m.

It’s been an interesting month of situations, but below is the latest entry of the latest snafu. This week has been an adventure of sorts.

There has been no heat or power in my home for the last 14 hours. It is unknown when that will change. I have many layers on but our pipes may have frozen.

I have two finals today. One was supposed to be online for three hours and one in person this evening.

Late yesterday afternoon brought a loud noise and crash. Someone could have called Timber as a large tree downed nearby wires. The transformer exploded and blew up four times before catching fire. It burned for awhile. The fire department came and left. The power company still has not been here. What I thought was men working on it turned out to be someone else’s generator. I ate a modest dinner of crackers, yogurt and cold soup as everything was closed down yesterday and there was no driving to the store due to icy conditions.

It was a cold, uneasy and limited sleep (off again/on again) with my feline bestie furled at my side both under and then on top of my blankets. Flannel pants, socks and slippers, three blankets, a hat, a jacket, candles, head lamp, and small lantern kept the temperature from freezing to slightly less than freezing. Still had a full external battery from last trip to charge my cell.

Takeaway: I won’t winter camp in the future. 😊🙏

Note to self: Buy a generator and restock sterno cans.

CNN posted an online article stating “...that Wednesday brought more bad and good news as the US endures the 10th month of the coronavirus pandemic.

There was a trio of all-time highs in the data. A record number of new deaths -- more than 3,500 -- was reported Wednesday and there were more than 240,000 newly reported coronavirus cases. And the number of people in hospitals was at a high for the 11th day in a row.

The daunting numbers come on a day more people were vaccinated and we learned there is some evidence more doses of the vaccine can be derived from one vial than originally thought...”

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