Quarantine Life: December 30, 2020

How’s your day going?

Quarantine Life: Partly Cloudy, Temp:45° but feels like 35 to me. Wind 6 S, but gusts of 13mph. Humidity 49%.

Getting rid of the old, burning 2020, ready for fresh energy 2021. Fresh air, me time, thermotherapy. fresh air is therapy. It’s end of day, time to relax, doing solo by the fire. Needed one.

Better days will come soon, but I’m doin’ alright 😊 🔥 . Home is where the cozy is.

Cold moon, Long Night’s Moon, Full Moon. Nice evening to be outside.

Listening and gazing at the glowing embers for a lovely way to end the evening with peace. Birds nestled in. Coyotes howling. Hope you have a happy New Year’s Eve tomorrow evening. Best wishes to you for 2021.

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