#stayhome artscapes day 29

Sewing the Seeds of Love

Today's inspiration came from the song Sewing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears, as well as, the lovely Tamara Laporte of Willowing.org. She is full of whimsy, fantasy and heart-centered yumminess.

You are the seed. The bloom. The angel/fairy. The heavens. The moon. The sun. The cloud. The sky. The piece. The big picture. The Love.


  1. 11 x 14 mixed media paper

  2. Tombow Watercolor Dual Brush Pens

  3. Neocolor 2 Aquarelle Watercolor crayons

  4. Uniball Waterproof Black Ink Pen

  5. Gel White Ink Pen

  6. White Gesso

  7. Roller

  8. Jars for Fresh Water

  9. Watercolor Brushes

  10. Hairdryer or Heat Dryer

  11. Atomizer

  1. Multi-media is always working in layers.

  2. I usually start with my background. I pick my colors. About 5. I try to pick two contrasts and then the remaining three will be shades of both contrasts.

  3. Also, using an Atomizer can cause cool drip effects and make paint easier to blend.

  4. I always have a white and black ink pen. Sometimes I have varying sizes of black and white ink pens. For me, the real trick to a beautiful media picture is the gradation of line thickness as you‘re drawing your objects or figures. Darkening in the corners or bends with thicker areas are nice.

  5. Thumbnail sketch your drawing beforehand on a scrap paper. Make things whimsical and silly.

  6. Spread your colors all over, and blend the edges as you like. Dry.

  7. Go over on top of your colors in a random pattern and mute out with gesso and roller. You don’t need to cover every inch of your image. Let some color pop through.

  8. Brightening up other areas happens throughout the image as I create it.

  9. At times, if I do something I don't like, if it gets to busy, I dry it and try to mute it out and recreate something. Other times, I leave it alone so I don't overwork the area and just learn to let go what I can't change.

  10. The biggest lesson is always to let my heart lead me.

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