#stayhome artscapes day 16

In between the other art pieces of day to day, I am working on a dot painting. It is of Drombeg, Ireland. Here are the progress stages so far. It will take probably another week or two to finish. As always feel free to utilize Spotify music for inspiration. Today’s video (top) painting session inspiration music is by Soulfood, Dean Evenson, Brent Lewis “Awakening” and the link to the Spotify list it is on 2020 April Mix 2


  1. 12" x 12" primed canvas

  2. Acrylic paint (Golden) medium is preferable, but if you're not good with mixing color, Arteza or craft paint can work although it tends to crack when drying if applied to thickly. You can mix with Liquitex Flow Aid to make the paint last a bit longer.)

  3. Neiko Punch Set

  4. Nail Art Tools

  5. Gallery Series Clear Coat (to spray final piece)

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