#stayhome artscapes day 22

#stayhome artscapes day 22. Ink piece doodling today. Inspiration is drawn from the Pink Full Moon residing in the void between Libra and Scorpio.

No music today, but the rain falling outside. ⛈🌪And feeling all the feels about planetary weirdness, being out of work from my day job, not being able to travel, being in the home studio so much, and feeling pulled away from social media more this week.

My artscapes have been working out most of my daily emotions and anxieties. More and more I have found myself having to withdraw from popular social media sources because they are inducing too much of the wrong kind of stimulus. I am finding myself reverting back to techniques I used in adolescence like reading novels more, sitting still more, thinking more. I feel like my brain is being rewired in so many wonderful ways.

Tools for artscaping:

  1. Tombow Watercolor Markers (This is the set I use but they do have smaller sets. Its just cheaper to buy them all together versus the smaller packs EXCEPT for skin tones and grays. Those I have in smaller sets as well because I use them more frequently.

  2. Black Ink

  3. White Ink

  4. Posca Pens Large

  5. Posca Pens Small

  6. Water

  7. Watercolor Blender Brush

How are you coping today? What is your day like? Are you working out your inner landscape today in the form of art?

This is a process painting. Basically, I have no idea what shapes or forms will appear. Either I'm in a quiet location and need to exhale what's in my brain or I am listening to spa music. (i.e., gong, ocean waves, birds chirping, etc.)

  1. First, I started drawing randomly around the page.

  2. Then I decided to do some entangle in areas.

  3. Next, I used the tombow markers lightly in parts of one shape and watercolored it over so it gave a gradient look or watercolor look. I never color in the whole object with the marker. I usually do the outline of one side.

  4. Next, I went over areas I wanted darker color in.

  5. Then I went over some of the black areas, and filled other areas in black.

  6. Then I went in with the white to do the galaxy and highlights.

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