The Light Center on Black Mountain

With the growth and cultivtion of RK Arts Studio into its more harnessed and focused agenda for 2019, I was remembering all of the wonderful sacred, prayer, meditative, energy, and light places I have had the wonderful ability to experience and know first hand. Among those beautiful places was one called The Light Center.

This was a little dome building high on Black Mountain outside of Asheville, North Carolina complete with its geometric shaped windows and chromotherapy room downstairs. A wonderful place for prayer and meditation for anyone seeking enlightenment, peace, or simple rest.

It was totally worth the drive and I hope to revisit there again in the future.

You can follow me if you like this sort of thing and find a few photos on my IG account @rkartsstudio or you can look for more sacred sites and labyrinths on my predominant photography IG @rainkilburne.

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