We Are Always Manifesting

We are always manifesting. Whatever we put out in the universe is what we attract back times three, times ten, times one hundred. The energy that moves around, within, and through us informs our thoughts and actions which manifest into our present day reality. Whether we drink from the glass that is half empty, or from the glass is that is half or completely full, we are informed and manifest the corresponding energetic conditions.

When the desire to create a more joyous or abundant-filled life becomes apparent, there are three little handy tips that help when creating that kind of manifestation. To begin, let's start with our playful and essential first key hint. Let's clear away, slough off and shed any old or negative residue with a little reflective time in sunlight, fresh water, salt water, the garden, or maybe try a little smudging or campfire smoke. All of these things can be wondrous for clearing and grounding, giving a renewed sense of energy and rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit.

We may extend the first key area with a little organic meal, meditation, harmonious music, painting or singing. If any of those things feel a little awkward, don't worry and just keep at it. You're just getting to know yourself a little better and who you really are right now. It might shake loose a few things. It may even change what you thought you wanted to manifest into something completely different, something richer, deeper and more soul-satisfying.

The second little friendly guideline begins with stepping into an intention with crystal clear clarity. Try the physical act of symbolically taking a step in front of you with arms up to the sun, moving your hands to your heart and then holding cupped hands out in front of you. It may be wonderful for feeling truly connected to the process of bringing your manifestations to your life.

You are a great creator and visualizing a vibrant mental picture of yourself living your desired life will draw it near, giving it breath, life, shape and form. Be unapologetic about what you want. What do your desires feel like, look like, smell like, and taste like?

The third little helpful hint is to stay connected to your thoughts of happiness for that desired life-change. As that awareness grows within you like a seed that grows into an oak tree, so is your knowing that if you believe in them, they are already here, fully formed and waiting for you. Fear and disbelief will disappear, leaving you invitational space to step into your manifested visualizations. Trust that you have given your request to the universe and that it is already out there waiting for you.

The universe has everything we need in abundance. It denies us nothing that we wish to have in our lives. We are creators of life, the energetic patterns around us and within us, and of our physical manifestations. Checking in on how we inform ourselves of that energy, what we want and how want to live is always a good idea. What we tell ourselves is what is possible. We are always manifesting.

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