Why Mindfulness Art and Wellness?

How does creating or purchasing a painting, drawing, candle, or other sacred meditative tool or offering help your well-being?

Visual art and meditative tools invite you to enter into communications with the Inner Self. By placing images and tools near, around, or on our cozy nooks, tables, special shelves or walls in our environments, these places become sacred and treasured. These images or tools then become precious, routine, safe, and relaxing to our inner world away from our outer world. Given that this provides us with daily reflection due to visual proximity, they transition us more frequently to calmer states of being.

Inspiration and curiosity begins planting small seeds within the brain for engaging within the image or with the tool in a relaxed and curious way allowing the observation of new ways of being. This can lead to one becoming more creatively inclined and pursuing expressive therapeutic pathways.

In receiving the visual and transcendent heart-guided connection to a living image, you begin to learn a greater comprehension and awareness from the true teacher, that is not necessarily the artist that inspires the message, but the higher guide within you.

Conveying the atmosphere of a spirit memory, divine spark or creative healing tool suggests impression, the feeling of air, the spark of fire, the grounding of earth, and the deep emotion of water. There is a sound to our surroundings, thoughts, actions and the individual perception of those moments.

In each of those moments or stages in our lives, we perceive our Self while being perceived by others vastly differently. There is great interwoven dynamic storyline change many times over during our life span. Integration of these perceptions are a wild journey and process, for each individual to cohesively invoke into their own narrative and healing rhythm, through time and space.

Art and meditation help, heal, inspire, thrive, breathe, and hold a space for opening and allowing.

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