Welcome Wolf Moon. Welcome New Millennia. Welcome New Full Moon.

Today is Jan 8, 2020 and the Gemini moon is in void-of-course at around 2:15 pm today. Void-of-course means that the moon begins transitioning from one sign to another. Anything that we need to release or accomplish, we may really wish to do before then.

How does the moon affect us? Is moon worship or astrology really hocus-pocus? Let's science it out.

The moon has been worshipped for millennia. At the new and full moon, the pull it exerts is at its strongest. This is because the sun, the moon and the Earth line up in a relatively straight line. The sun’s gravitational pull adds to that of the moon, giving us the highest and lowest tides.

As the gravity of the moon pulls on Earth, the oceans bulge toward it ever so slightly and water levels fluctuate affecting the Earth's tides and gravity. The higher the moon (away from the Earth) the less likely it is to rain and vice versa. As humans, our bodies are made up of 60% water. Our brains and hearts are made up of 73% and our lungs 83%. So, the moon probably affects the ebb and flow of our circulating fluids within us, as well as, all around us.

It is largely theorized that the lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate. Melatonin levels appear to correlate with the menstrual cycle. It is widely accepted that admittance to hospitals and emergency units because of various causes (cardiovascular and acute coronary events, variceal hemorrhage, diarrhea, urinary retention) correlated with moon phases. It has been puzzled out that the release of neurohormones may be triggered by the electromagnetic radiation and/or the gravitational pull of the moon. It is for you to decide with or without hard evidence.

As humans, water intake has a great impact on a daily scale as well. If we are thoroughly hydrated, we experience high energy levels, positive feelings, euphoria; whereas, if we are dehydrated we experience lethargy, fatigue, exhaustion, fog-brain, and grumpiness. The fitness and science communities have done routine testing with this basic human function.

What do you think?

The moon-void-of course, or VoC Moon

"The Moon rules over our feelings, emotions, nurturing feminine side (yes, even men have a nurturing feminine influence), as well as our childhood memories and family matters. Depending on which sign the Moon transits, that sign's energies will be blended into, or at the very least, awash over our natural Moon Sign's tendencies. This is one reason why our emotions and moods always seem to be in a state of flux, internally. When the Moon begins into a Void of Course period, these areas of our life seem to hit a disconnect. We encounter a short period of emotional confusion, mood fatigue, or even simply feel emotionally and physically rundown. We may not be able to rely on our usual "gut" decision-making. It is not advisable to initiate new concepts during the VoC Moon."~moontracks.com

Some Examples of Don'ts during a VoC Moon:

 1. Submit your resume for a new job, either by e-mail or snail mail.   2. Be interviewed for a new job or do a business presentation.   3. Start a new job.   4. Hold company meetings.   5. Make purchases.   6. Do not negotiate prices, test drive a vehicle or drive it for the first time.   7. Make an investment or open a new bank account.   8. Call on clients.   9. Start legal proceedings against someone.  10. Go on a first date.  11. Get engaged or married.  12. Have elective surgery.  13. Open a business.  14. Host a party or social affair.  15. Gamble or start a trip to a gaming facility.

Some Examples of Do's during a Void of Course Moon:

1. Prayer and meditation.  2. Sleep and dream.  3. Non-material matters.  4. Let someone start proceedings AGAINST you in court.  5. End a relationship or get divorced.  6. Close doors to end business.


On Jan 10, at 20 degrees Cancer, we will enjoy the Wolf Moon and it will be a Penumbral Eclipse, or Lunar Eclipse. Communication is a focus and we should beware of bullies and protect the more vulnerable around us. When the sun is conjunct the moon, it brings family into sharper focus-what you need versus what you want which can drain one's energy. A lunar eclipse represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.

So, it is possible we are feeling a gravitational pull from one planetary aspect against the a pull of another planetary aspect while we stand on the stadium of our own planetary aspect. That's a lot of push me-pull you when you think about it. Throw in some other random stars/planets with their own gravity out there around us in space and you've got yourself a showdown.

Let's hope these planets keep the fisticuffs to a minimum.

How does this affect our well-being? Well, maybe not at all.

But, if you've been feeling some kind of way lately or even recently, let's say for argument sake the moon does affect us. That means we've got some gravitational pull on the fluids of our physical bodies which is going to fluctuate our hormone centers. So, our mind will be affected which may affect our decision-making abilities, our choices, our reactions, our triggers, our relationships, our food/drink choices, and our clarity of thinking. All this can wear us down and disconnect us from Spirit.

Things you can do:

1. Self Care

2. Prayer/Meditation

3. Spring Cleaning

4. Detox Bath

5. Restful Sleep

6. Unplug from Social Media for a bit




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