Áine, Triple Goddess Mermaids Spirit of the Mermaid, Spirit of the Sea Turtle, Spirit of the Whale Through a guided meditation, Goddess Áine is shown depicted deeply rooted into the base of the Enchanted Lake/Celtic Sea with life, wisdom and strength permeating through three versions of the aged body. 

The Goddess Áine has three forms: a maiden mermaid, lammas mother and crone/hag linked to the Tir na n’og. As a mermaid she lives at the bottom of Lough Gur (Enchanted Lake)/Celtic Sea. As a young woman she is a powerful creative goddess, who made the fairy people and gave life to the earth. As a hag she defends her realm under the lake/Celtic Sea. Maiden, mother, Crone. 

Which aspect of your life are you currently experiencing? Which season of life are you in? What lessons are you learning? Who is in your life right now that you are foraging a relationship with? 

If the Spirit of the Mermaid is calling to you, it is inviting you to remember your enticing beauty, raw sensuality, and to succumb to beautiful haunting songs. 

Remember what role fantasy can play in our lives, the balance of heart and head, love and lust, thinking clearly between individuality and conformity. 

If the Spirit of the Sea Turtle is calling to you, it is inviting you to balance your creativity with practicality. Practice planning things a little more carefully and be patient. 

If the Spirit of the Whale is calling to you, it is inviting you to depressurize and come up for air. Begin navigating the tumultuous currents of life and find how to harness the courage to sing your personal song.  

This piece is 11 x 14 inches watercolor cold press paper, Beachy Gray Distressed framed 16 x 20. Signed. Hanger affixed. 


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