Welcome to your Unique Shaman Kit!


(Each Unique and Tailored Kit contains completely different gemstone quality gems called JOURNEY STONES for your shamanic purposes. No two are the same nor do they supply the same resonating energies or shamanic needs.)


This Kit contains: *7 gemstone quality gems (Aquamarine Beryl, Tourmaline, Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Shiva Lingham Stone, Carnelian, Raw Emerald)

*sacred shaman PI Stone Blue Jasper pendant and cord for energy work. *drawstring bag

*beginner smudge wand with feathers for purification

*tea candle for candle gazing (with matches)

*white sage

*small handcrafted rattle to get you started


This power pack will help you get started or add to your collection, and provide you with some fundamentals for protection and safe journeying!


Each kit has carefully selected stones that vibrate with each other and for special journeying purposes. They have been cleansed and cleared energetically.


You'll learn about your stones and how they work PLUS how to use your kit to maximize your true shamanic journeying, healing and energetic potential!



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