This composition was created organically from water-gazing, grounding with the earth, meditation, and from the inner landscape of my mind.  This collection of paintings are process driven in the sense that the compositions were not planned out and drafted with absolute intention.


These fluid, goddess-fantasy abstracts are unpredictable in nature. The watered down acrylic reacts to each layer of the randomly chosen texturized background on natural canvas.  While working, I find myself drifting back and forth between was the language of the painting guiding me to an image or emotion and color of palettes versus a place of memory and of mindful presence. 


Like the dreaming state, our consciousness is a wild adventure of healing, connection, well-being and purpose.


This piece is 12 x 12 inches acrylic on canvas, framed in Maple.


Painting is signed on the front, right bottom. Dated, titled, and signed on the back.  Hanger affixed.


Additional shipping charges may apply.


Screens tend to display color differently so check images on multiple screens. If you are concerned about color variations, please email me to request additional photos. 



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