Ajna, third eye, inner wisdom, future knowing, knowing gaze. Blend of the consciousness and all races, surrounded by universal or divine energy, this image packs a punch when you most need it.


This piece is 8 x 8 inches acrylic on canvas panel, framed in Maple.


Painting is signed on the front, right bottom. Dated, titled, and signed on the back.  Hanger affixed.


Additional shipping charges may apply. I'll reach out to you via email and send a follow up invoice prior to shipping, if necessary.


Screens tend to display color differently so check images on multiple screens. If you are concerned about color variations, please email me to request additional photos.  I try my best to represent the colors and texture in my work as accurately and honestly as possible.


Please read my update FAQ for questions on order processing and shipping.  Something I missed? Send me an email. 



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