This hand-carved, hand-painted, Reiki-infused, Gaia-charged“Allowing” Pendant reminds us to hold space for the brilliant things that will come to us in our future. We may not see the shape or meaning they hold just yet, but they are part of the whole picture. 


Handpainted stones in the form of dot art with mandalas are very healing. For centuries, many have held and gazed deeply into the elemental energies of life through different geometric forms. They have their own mantra that is repeated to the artist first and then the wearer.  The stones are infused with the energy of the design, color, the four elements, Reiki, Gaia and the artist. Each creative piece is a meditative, therapeutic and relaxing visual artwork. 


This Mandala Stone “Allowing” Pendant painted by Rain Kilburne is approximately-


Stone length- 2" long

Stone width- 1.25" in diameter

Approx 11g in weight

Pleatherette cord, lobster claw clasp.


Details: Acrylic, Sealed with Museum Quality Matte Varnish. Back polished with organic beeswax and varnish.


Please do not get Pendant wet or submerged in water. Pendants have been sealed but picking/scratching/over handling could damage the paint, the stone or silver bail


Each Pendant comes wrapped and secured in a gift box. Although this Pendant is stone, I do consider it a delicate piece. Treat this piece with love and care.



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