Sun symbols have been around since the beginning of time embodying the divine qualitites of the gods and goddesses from every reach.  In the four great Celtic festivals (Samhain, Imbolg, Beltaine, and Lugh-Nasadh) they are markers of the solar year.  The dreaming warmth of the sun holds us close, holds us safe, warms us, guides us, and brings us toward togetherness and unity.


Painting is signed on the front, right bottom. Dated, titled, and signed on the back.  12 x 12 INCHES. ACRYLIC. Hanger affixed.


Additional shipping charges may apply.


Screens tend to display color differently so check images on multiple screens. If you are concerned about color variations, please email me to request




  • Original Available. RKAS watermarks are not present on originals or prints.

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