Grounded Energy Dreams
Spirit of the Cat
By day we live, breathe, and work among invisible fields of energy. By night, we dream among them. Individuals who work with their hands everyday, in healing or artistic careers, may also look to the elements for grounding, rejuvenation and inspiration. One such place is nature. We look to the earth from where all things are made and where all things are birthed, growing high towards the sun.
Along the way, we have companions. In this image are feline companions. 
If Spirit of the Cat is calling to you, then right now you may feel your timing in life is all off, and your patience is worn down to a thread. Spirit of the cat is the balance that comes around when it's time to rebuild that confidence, push us back on the center line, and square up timing. Cat is great at teaching when to act and when to wait, and to not be afraid. Being too close for a decent perspective means pausing, thinking, and listening to inner instincts to get back to well-adjusted and unique views on life.
This piece is 11 x 14 inches watercolor cold press paper, framed 16 x 20.
Painting is signed on the front, right bottom. Dated, titled, and signed on the back.  Hanger affixed.
Additional shipping charges may apply. I'll reach out to you via email and send a follow up invoice prior to shipping, if necessary.
Screens tend to display color differently so check images on multiple screens. If you are concerned about color variations, please email me to request additional photos.  I try my best to represent the colors and texture in my work as accurately and honestly as possible.


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