Rest - Spirit of the Pegasus
Inspired by the Irish Poet David Whyte's poem "REST," during our 2020 shelter-in-place, this became a difficult time period to become still. In a time where being productive, having purpose, going places for vacation and rest were once a norm, we are now at home, forced to be self-isolating. Instead of much needed rest, many instead are finding themselves anxious, largely bored, overly productive in small spaces full of choas, or not managing self-care.
Also in the image is Pegasus, a flying horse, and the very ability of flying has always been considered a universal symbol of liberty and free spirit. Pegasus symbolizes a wild-hearted spiritual freedom, free in his heart forever, wise beyond human understanding, but with the ability to be tamed without being broken. 
Pegasus invites you to close your eyes for just a moment and imagine the life you feel you were born to live, without restraints, judgment, or fears. Pegasus represents living at our highest level of vibration where the doors of life are flung wide open to every possibility. You can fly through the skies on the wings of hope, compassion, and energy.
What does "rest" mean for you right now? Are you drawn to this image? How is Pegasus showing up in your life right now? 
This piece is 11 x 14  inches watercolor cold press paper, framed 16 x 20.
Painting is signed on the front, right bottom. Dated, titled, and signed on the back.  Hanger affixed.
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